Resting v1.7.0 is out

Published on 05/14/2023

A new version of Resting has been released.

It contains 9 activities: some fixes and some improvements to simplify the tool usage following the idea

less (clicks) is more (productivity).

What’s new

  • Implemented some fixes on the response panel.
  • Introduced a keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Enter to send a request from every focused field of the request.
  • Now it is more easy to access the context panel: a quick link has been added in bookmark details.

Resting screen

  • When a new folder is created in the save bookmark dialog, it is immediately selected.
  • Contexts and folders in dropbox are now presented in alphabetically order to simplify selection.

Resting is a visual HTTP client browser extension available for Chrome and Firefox focused on debugging, testing and inspecting HTTP requests staying light and uncluttered.


Welcome to a new contributor @nikhilraojl. He implemented 5 activities and suggested some good improvements.

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  • If not explicitly declared code snippets are published under MIT license